Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brochure Designing: The Pre-requisite of an effective introduction

Brochures are a convenient way to present your products and services to your perspective clients. But a brochure is only as good as its design. Hence an effective brochure has to be designed properly paying greater attention to its content and the information contained therein.

Brochure designing is a complex task requiring greater expertise on the part of the designers who have to pay heed to intricate little details to make the most out of the limited space available within the brochures. A well designed brochure presents the information in a short and crisp format, highlighting the primary attributes and features of the products and services. Any comparative advantage has to be necessarily presented to provide that much coveted competitive edge to the products and services. Undue exaggeration and repetitions should be completely avoided to prevent the brochure from becoming redundant. Besides, a unique blend of attractive colours and suitable graphics are other prerequisites of a well designed brochure. While the colours chosen should not be overly bright, at the same time it should not be too dull either. A perfect balance has to be maintained so as to make the brochure attractive, while keeping it relatively simple and not unduly colorful.

Another most important aspect of brochure designing is the quality of the paper used for brochures. This is vital to an effective design of a brochure as a brochure printed on a standard quality of paper makes that lasting impression on the minds of the clients. It also acts as a mode for providing the necessary durability to the brochure as a brochure printed on a non-standard quality of paper would give away far too easily.

Hence Brochure Designing is a highly skillful activity that many SMEs today are specializing in. One such company specializing in Brochure designing is Crystal Hues Limited (CHL). CHL is an ISO 9001:2008 organization that has been providing Brochure designing and Advertising services combined with Localization and Translation services for over 20 years. CHL provides top of the line Advertising as well as Translation and Localization services in more than 70 languages around the world. CHL has nine offices in Asia staffed with more than 70 professionals, in-house domain experts with varied specialization and several hundreds of quality-verified contracted consultants worldwide.


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