Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crystal Hues Limited Celebrates 20 Years of Journey

Summary: Crystal Hues Limited completed 20 years of operations since incorporation, delivering more than 60 projects a day to more than 5,000 clients.
New Delhi, Friday, July 24, 2015: Crystal Hues Limited celebrated its twentieth anniversary since incorporation. The twenty years of journey is marked by numerous innovations and reinvention along the way in keeping pace with the ever changing dynamics of the present world.
Spread across seven offices in Asia, more than 100 dedicated domain specialists provide content development (translation, copywriting, localization), creative designing (brochures, websites, presentations) and promotion services (events, internet) to more than 5,000 regular clients.
"Crystal Hues Limited provides freedom at work that makes employees more responsible" said Sai, Business Head, Chennai Branch. On asking for comments Vinay Raj, VP, said that the Company “gives equal opportunities to male and female employees". Satya Nagumully, Business Head, Hyderabad added that the Company “kept policies open to one and all."
Ever responsive to the needs of discerning customers, Crystal Hues Limited has ensured that the clients are assured of consistent high quality, integrated and seamless service. Crystal Hues Limited is uniquely positioned as the ideal partner to meet any challenge communicating with diverse cultures across the world.
The procedures and systems practiced by Crystal Hues Limited are ISO 9001:2008 compliant and works with more than 5,000 clients, including large multinational companies, small and medium enterprises and government establishments.
For more information on the Company and services, please contact:
Mr. Vinay Raj
Crystal Hues Limited
Phone: +91-80-49499100

Address: #002 Palace View Apartments, 14 Jayamahal Road, Bangalore-560046, India

Sunday, June 21, 2015

ITDC Assigns Crystal Hues Digital Marketing Tasks of The Ashok, India’s Prestigious Hotel

Summary: India Tourism Development Corporation assigns Crystal Hues Limited, the digital marketing task of The Ashok, a prestigious Indian hotel

New Delhi, Friday, June 22, 2015: Crystal Hues Limited is chosen as the digital marketing partner for the promotion of The Ashok Hotel, one of the India’s most prestigious hotel in New Delhi, by India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC).

The Ashok is located in the heart of Delhi, in vicinity of diplomatic area and the power corridors of government of India. The Hotel is close to nature surrounded with vast expanse of lush green parks, providing unmatched insulation from city noise and pollution. The Ashok provides world class services and amenities to pamper presidents, celebrities, and distinguished clientele with traditional Indian hospitality.

Ever responsive to the needs of discerning customers, The Ashok offers convention facilities for national and international conferences, luxury rooms and suites, an array of international cuisine experiences. In addition, state-of-the-art health club, destination health spa and a business center makes The Ashok a preferred destination for a business as well as leisure traveler. For more information visit

Crystal Hues has been delivering digital marketing and internet promotion services for over eight years now won accolades and unsolicited appreciation for the genuine digital promotions delivered using original content and white hat processes.

Crystal Hues Limited is uniquely positioned as the ideal digital marketing partner providing digital marketing and internet promotion services combined with advertising services. The services include research, media planning, creative designing, continuous tracking and reporting to ensure maximum ROI. Crystal Hues also provides multimedia presentations, websites development, microsites designing and promotion services that are necessary to ensure success of digital campaigns. The procedures and systems practiced by Crystal Hues Limited are ISO 9001:2008 compliant and works with more than 5,000 clients, including large multinational companies, small and medium enterprises and government establishments.
For more information on the Company and services, please contact:
Crystal Hues Limited
Mr. Sanjay Kumar
1001 Devika Towers,
6 Nehru Place,
New Delhi 110019, India
Phone: +91-120-461 3200

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Smo services – New formula to drive traffic

SMO is the acronym of Social Media Optimization. To put it simply, at present time you can see there are many social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus etc. Video site like Youtube , Daily motion, Metacafe etc. Micro blogging site like Tumblr, Twitter etc. Image sharing site like Flickr, Pinterest, Imgur etc. Image sharing site like Flickr, Pinterest, Imgur etc.

These websites have massive traffic from all over the world so that they can give your website or brand a higher visibility than any other search engine optimization activity. If there is serious sharing of stuff about your website or product then there are more chances that it can attract visitors rapidly and it will definitely result out in improved business opportunity.

Social media have grown considerably over the last few years and becomes the grand way to attract customers. Social media sites are used as the online identity of the brand or product these days because they have billions of users daily. It is estimated that around 90% internet users are regular visitors of social media sites and almost half the population of world is using internet. So, quite big isn't it? Yes of course it is. If your are popular at any of the popular social media site like Facebook, Google plus or at micro blogging site like twitter, Tumblr then your are half a way to success in the name and fame in between your followers. You can directly launch any of your public/private service or any new products with new/improved features and it will get popular with significantly low efforts than any other activity. So, it is quite good to be popular at social media but if you are not that popular enough or you have low fan following then social media can be used as the best advertising tool. Social media sites offers advertising solutions to their users in exchange of money. They show your ads to their users all around the world and help your product or services to get popular. Social media marketing agency Delhi have the rich strategies to gain visitors for their customers. You can consult them for more info.

While SEO is the way of online promotion and being popularize over the search engines through activities like article and blog submission, social bookmarking, classifieds, directory submission and many other activities under off page search engine optimization and through making the site technically improved.

Although SEO and SMO both are used to drive traffic and to promote online the products or services. SMO is taking more attention than SEO, because it is easier, entertaining and have significantly more effect over getting popularize.

So, Nowtime both are necessary to rank your website high in the search engine result page and also to gain visitors. A combination of Good SEO services delhi and Rich SMO can make your Services or products popular worldwide.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Need for Social Media Optimization for Today’s Businesses:Crystal Hues

The advent of the Internet has been a revolutionary happening in our times. Envisaged as a limited web of interconnected computers in a research laboratory in the US, it has gained its present form of an all-encompassing mammoth of information flowing in the digital space. A lot of things have changed since the web became “The Internet.”

After the dotcom boom in the late nineties, every business, however big or small, has joined the Internet bandwagon and it is not a surprise now that the Internet has changed the way business is conducted worldwide. But when businesses felt that having a website was enough for their online presence, the Internet sprung another surprise, this time from an unlikely corner – the social media.

What began as a harmless platform for sharing photos and gossip over the Internet, quickly became a rage and businesses soon realized that there was a market ready to be exploited consisting of the young, and often intelligent, buyer. Thus arrived the need for social media marketing services.

Today businesses utilize the Big Three social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and other niche platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and many more. They set up their business profiles on these sites and engage users to make “followers” out of them. This creates brand recognition, loyalty and following. It also helps in the business appearing as an authority in its domain and creates a solid reputation for it. With social media optimization, businesses can target their audience demographically and engage them with useful resources and tips.

An SMO service provider will help a business in social consultancy through intelligently strategized solutions, creation and management of brand reputation, social media monitoring, social ads, or PPCs, social public relations, community building and management and cross-channel promotions. This represents the entire gamut of services that the service provider will offer to a business looking to create a brand on the social media.

Just having a fan page on the social media network is not enough. It has to be carefully nurtured so that it can garner true fans in the correct sense of the term. The audience has to carefully selected and has to be targeted through contextual and behavioral ads. This is the true essence of SMO. The “followers” or “fans” have to be provided meaningful content and have to engaged through questions, surveys, giveaways and events.

Many digital agencies provide comprehensive social media marketing services and before finalizing one, it is worthwhile to check its own reputation in the market and to see what range of services it provides. After all, the reputation of the business depends on the reputation of the service provider.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

One Word in different languages can differ in meaning so much:Crystal Hues

Language can be funny sometimes. Take for example words which may sound the same but have different meanings in different languages. It could lead to hilarious situations. Some gems.
  • In Thai, the word for "UGLY" is pronounced "Key-day". Interestingly, in Japanese, Key-day means "BEAUTIFUL".
  • Money is "kob" in Creole, but popularly, in the markets and the countryside it is said "cho-cho" . And the same word in Spanish means the female sex in a rude way of talking. 
  • "Left" is a known word in English, its pronunciation is the same as the Arabic name of the TURNIP.

      Wednesday, June 3, 2015

      Importance of multi-lingual website:Crystal Hues

      A website is the face of a business online. Today, due to the pervasiveness of the Internet into the lives of the people, it has become mandatory for every business to have an online presence. Many businesses are crossing regional borders and selling their wares and services to faraway lands.

      To effectively do this, the information provided on the website should be in the language of the target population. Since English is not spoken everywhere, it is imperative to have a multilingual website which is capable of displaying information in the language of choice. This is highly effective.

      Digital Marketing for Doctors: Crystal Hues Limited

      The Internet has revolutionized the way advertising and marketing is being done. Digital Marketing has emerged as a service engaging highly specialized experts who create focused marketing campaigns for businesses. Today, businesses are spending billions of dollars on digital marketing.

      Doctors, too, are service providers and would definitely benefit from digital marketing. All that is required is a user-friendly website with details of services provided and past achievements along with the skills and training of the doctor. This website can be marketed to the local community and could also piggy back on websites providing medical services.
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