Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Need for Social Media Optimization for Today’s Businesses:Crystal Hues

The advent of the Internet has been a revolutionary happening in our times. Envisaged as a limited web of interconnected computers in a research laboratory in the US, it has gained its present form of an all-encompassing mammoth of information flowing in the digital space. A lot of things have changed since the web became “The Internet.”

After the dotcom boom in the late nineties, every business, however big or small, has joined the Internet bandwagon and it is not a surprise now that the Internet has changed the way business is conducted worldwide. But when businesses felt that having a website was enough for their online presence, the Internet sprung another surprise, this time from an unlikely corner – the social media.

What began as a harmless platform for sharing photos and gossip over the Internet, quickly became a rage and businesses soon realized that there was a market ready to be exploited consisting of the young, and often intelligent, buyer. Thus arrived the need for social media marketing services.

Today businesses utilize the Big Three social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and other niche platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and many more. They set up their business profiles on these sites and engage users to make “followers” out of them. This creates brand recognition, loyalty and following. It also helps in the business appearing as an authority in its domain and creates a solid reputation for it. With social media optimization, businesses can target their audience demographically and engage them with useful resources and tips.

An SMO service provider will help a business in social consultancy through intelligently strategized solutions, creation and management of brand reputation, social media monitoring, social ads, or PPCs, social public relations, community building and management and cross-channel promotions. This represents the entire gamut of services that the service provider will offer to a business looking to create a brand on the social media.

Just having a fan page on the social media network is not enough. It has to be carefully nurtured so that it can garner true fans in the correct sense of the term. The audience has to carefully selected and has to be targeted through contextual and behavioral ads. This is the true essence of SMO. The “followers” or “fans” have to be provided meaningful content and have to engaged through questions, surveys, giveaways and events.

Many digital agencies provide comprehensive social media marketing services and before finalizing one, it is worthwhile to check its own reputation in the market and to see what range of services it provides. After all, the reputation of the business depends on the reputation of the service provider.


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