Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Subtitling Services: Transforming the Entertainment Industry

Subtitling has long been an effective mode for bridging the language barrier between audiences and visual medium of entertainment, be it movies, shows or documentaries. People today enjoy a variety of shows and movies in various languages, thanks largely to the subtitles running concurrently on the screen. Subtitling has made it easier for alien audiences to enjoy and appreciate the visual content produced worldwide. Various Subtitling companies providing subtitling services have witnessed a revolution of sorts off late, thanks largely to the growing demand for subtitles in the entertainment industry.

Subtitling is not limited to the language spoken in the show or the movie. Often, the movie or the show is translated into the native language of the audience and then run as subtitles. Hence, it pre-empts the requirement to know and understand the source language for you to enjoy a particular show. And for those that are not alien to a particular language but are unable to pick up strong foreign accents, subtitles are the easiest way out. In India, this is generally the case with Hollywood movies that have strong American accents which makes them hard to understand and you are often left guessing to comprehend for yourself. Realizing this, various channels catering to English shows and movies have started broadcasting their shows along with English subtitles. This has definitely impacted their TRPs and now more and more viewers are turning to these channels for wholesome entertainment devoid of wild guesses.

Subtitles have also transformed the entertainment industry to a greater extent. Foreign language movies that were once limited to their countries, now find a place globally with their CDs and DVDs releasing worldwide with subtitles in various different languages to choose from. Besides English, some classical French and Spanish movies DVDs can now be found easily with subtitles in various Indian languages. Hence, it won’t be inappropriate to say that subtitles today are the heart and soul of the entertainment industry that provides an everlasting reach to the global audience transcending language and accent barriers.

One such company specializing in Subtitling services is Crystal Hues Limited (CHL). CHL is an ISO 9001:2008 organization that has been providing Subtitling and Advertising services combined with Localization and Translation services for over 20 years. CHL provides top of the line Advertising as well as Translation and Localization services in more than 70 languages around the world. CHL has nine offices in Asia staffed with more than 70 professionals, in-house domain experts with varied specialization and several hundreds of quality-verified contracted consultants worldwide.


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