Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quality Web Designing for Quality Websites for Success in Business

We live in the age of cyberspace. The Internet has played a major role in all modern business and commercial activities. All businesses, large, medium and small, now advertise and promote their products or services by adopting smart web strategies. A good website can be a complement to your overall business goals and can do much for its growth. Developing a good website and its strategic usage involves the content, the society, the users and the whole realm of e-commerce.

 All quality websites are developed by utilizing the art of quality web designing. For creating a business website the tools or services required are completely different from those used for personal website. It is important to start right to get along the right direction and get that perfect web site. The First Step Building a good website is more than only knowing the HTML language. Designing a website on the world wide web requires many techniques. First of all you have to get a domain name for your business or trade, and then get a suitable place to put your designed web pages, and must know all the legal issues surrounding the websites. Good Web Designing For creative web graphic designing, planning your design well is an important factor.
  A competent web designer will include all aspects of web designing i.e. information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, fonts, colours and creative imagery. He will also utilize all the principles of good designing to design a website that meets the requirements of the business, i.e. the website owner. A Good Web Design Designing a good layout for the website is most crucial for the success of the website. Retaining the attention of the prospective client or customer is most important. A good website will have all the elements of creative design, namely: A balance of colours and text Contrast in design to highlight differences between various elements in the design An added emphasis on the focal point of the web pages Rhythm and repetition which may draw the attention of the customers and prompt them to know more of the product or the services. A unity or proximity in design which enables cohesiveness to the designs -- all elements which are related are put together and unlike elements are put farther apart when considering quality web designing. Elements of Creative Designing
 1. Lines -- are the primary element of web design and add style of the site, at the same time increasing the readability of the site. Lines are used as dividers between two elements or used simply as borders.
 2. Shapes – are an important part of web designing. Shapes can be 2-D or 3-D. Shapes are used to organize information on websites. They also add and sustain the interest of viewers, and organize or separate various elements of the design.
3. Texture – essentially provides the tactile sense of the elements in the design and is visual. Textures may be smooth, rough, soft or hard. Web design textures is used in backgrounds, as an emphasizing factor or used to give it a stylized effect.
 4. Colour -- in websites is used as backgrounds, foreground, text, images, and to give accents. Colour is also used in borders. However some of the best web designs have also been created using minimal colours or simply black and white.
 5. Direction -- in a good website designers involves smartly using images on the page. Direction creates the atmosphere of the page. The illusion of movement that one gets within a design is due to direction. Directions are horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Essential Factors of a Good Web Page: The focus should be on fast pages as speed is important on internet searches.
 The web content should be brief, to the point, and lucidly explaining the objects. Navigation for the website should be good to help readers go around smoothly and conveniently around the site and each web page. It is a good idea to always have tables of contents with anchor links for the convenience of the readers. Small images are more convenient to see, look good and enable a good download speed. All writing on the websites should be good with correct spellings and free of grammatical mistakes. Always check for broken links, especially on the older pages of the website by using a HTML validator. It is always good to give the contact information of the web designer at the end of the last page of the website. It implies that someone professional is taking care of the site. An impressive and well designed website gives one the opportunity of reaching out to potential customers all over the globe in a manner no other process can match. One also gets the benefit of an increased visibility, contacting customers becomes easy and the overall promotional and marketing process gets the much needed boost.

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