Thursday, November 18, 2010

Important Aspects to look for in selecting a Translation Company

Selecting the right translation company to do your translation job is no mean task, considering the mammoth growth in the number of translation companies in the world. However, a few simple guidelines, if followed correctly may lead you to the right translation company for all your translation needs.

The first and the foremost criteria for selection undoubtedly has to be the quality of the service. A Translation company should be thorough checked for its quality of service and referrals may be sought from previous clients of the company. Various translation companies have different areas of expertise as some specialize in translating medico, legal documents while other may be specialists in translating marketing documents or websites. Depending upon the need of the customer, he may seek the services of the relevant translation company. A translation company should also be checked for its accreditation and approval by the various renowned credit rating agencies. This goes a long way in asserting the credibility and quality of the service provided by the translation companies.

A translation company that employs native translators for doing the translation is definitely far better than the others. The native translators are well versed in the source and target languages which is greatly reflected in their translations. Coupled with that, if a translation company provides Localization services along with the translation services, it is highly recommended for culturally and locally viable translation. They bring forth their Localization experience in their translation which renders more viability and acceptability to the translated content.

A key issue that should be necessarily considered is how the translation company responds if the client is not satisfied with the translation. The number of free revisions and editing that a company offers is a major yardstick for choosing a translation company.

Deciding upon a translation company on the basis of price is not recommended as quality services do not come cheap. Of course, the client can choose a particular price range and then assess all the translation companies in that range, but deciding exclusively upon the price factor would be detrimental to the interests of the customer. Moreover, a translation company providing very cheap services would not be able to deliver the required quality. In that case, if the customer is not satisfied with the translation, frequent revision and edition would eventually increase the cost borne by the customer. Hence a customer would be well advised to first shortlist a few companies on the basis of their services and quality and then decide upon the one that is more economical.

Other factors that need to be considered are market reputation of the company, the client list and their testimonials, the number of repeating customers, the ability to handle large projects, the selection criteria and the efficiency of the translators employed and the promptness and punctuality of the translation company.

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