Thursday, November 18, 2010

Breaking the Language Barrier

India is a land of diverse cultures and its diversity is probably best reflected in the form of more than 20,000 dialects spoken across the length and breadth of the country. With such a wide array of languages prevailing in the country, an unwanted communication gap is inherently created because of the language barrier. And every one of us, at some point or the other, has been exposed to this communication gap while interacting with someone speaking a different language. Building on this relevant issue, a leading telecom group recently created its brand campaign highlighting the need and ways to break this language barrier that poses a significant challenge to our development, both on personal and professional front. It advocates the use of simple ways and means to break the language barrier and demonstrates how the communication between two people can be greatly enhanced by putting the accessible mobile technology to effective use. While this advertisement signifies the urge and eagerness of the present generation to break the shackles of the language barrier and explore the opportunities that lie beyond the communication gaps, there have been others who have been quietly contributing to this cause, albeit in a different manner. These are the translation companies, who with their translation and localization services, have completely transformed and revolutionized the communication process, irrespective of the impending language and cultural issues.

Crystal Hues, a leading translation company in India prides itself on its ability to connect people via its translation services. For Crystal Hues, translation is not just a service but a medium to enable people to express themselves freely devoid of any impediments created by the language barrier. Crystal Hues has taken upon itself the mantle to ensure that the views, opinions, writings and other notes of expression in a particular language are comprehensively and accurately communicated to the diverse cultures speaking a different language. Crystal Hues accomplishes this with the help of its immaculate translation and localization services offered to its clients to reach out to different ethnic groups. People may argue that it is just another service offered by a business house with a profit motive, but it would be worthwhile to note that unless and until a translation company significantly breaks the language barrier and ensures proper and efficient communication across the language divide, it would be futile of them to be in the service. And Crystal Hues is an epitome of this commitment and it accordingly carries out each and every translation job in hand with a mission to create a world where language is not a dividing factor but an assimilating factor bringing people together.


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