Wednesday, June 2, 2010

IBN 7 reviews the book ‘Why Me’ published by Crystal Hues Ltd.

The book ‘Why Me’ written by Dr. Krishen Kumar and published by Crystal Hues Ltd. was reviewed and covered extensively by IBN 7 on its blog dated May 28th, 2010.

New Delhi, June 2nd, 2010: IBN 7 recently carried out an extensive review of the book ‘Why Me’ by Dr. Krishen Kumar on its official blog ( The book, published by Crystal Hues Ltd., was reviewed and highly appreciated by IBN 7 correspondent Jaimon Joseph on the IBN 7 blog dated May 28th, 2010 . The review provides an insight into the book and vividly describes its content and the characters. Jaimon Joseph, in his review, was highly appreciative of the fact that the book was written in fairly simple language and had the potential to instantly connect with the common man with a subject matter that is fairly simple and relevant in our lives. Jaimon Joseph in the end urges everyone to read the book and goes on to mention the name of the publisher, Crystal Hues Limited, for easy accessibility to the book.

‘Why Me’ has been written by Dr. Krishen Kumar, an eminent scientist and astrophysicist. It is a collection of short stories told to each other by six fictional characters in the book. The stories are everyday common tales that we can all identify and connect with. The book, though, fairly simple in language, is a literary brilliance by Dr. Krishen Kumar and a must read for everyone. The book is easily available across the globe under the publication of Crystal Hues Limited.


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