Friday, January 2, 2015

Crystal Hues Calendar Promotes 12 Charities Focusing on 12 Issues Affecting Humans

Summary: Crystal Hues releases the 2015 calendar focusing on 12 most important issues affecting human race and promotes 12 charities working on the ground against these issues.

New Delhi, Friday, January 2, 2015: Crystal Hues releases the 2015 calendar focusing on the twelve most important issues affecting human race and promotes twelve different charities working towards mitigating and ameliorating the effects of these issues.
The supported charities include Sphoorti Foundation focusing on orphanage, Hope Foundation focusing on poverty, Janodaya Trust focusing on child rights, Green Yatra focusing on global warming, Chintan focusing on recycling, Sugam Foundation focusing on drug abuse, People For Animals focusing on animal rights, Gift Your Organ Foundation focusing on organ donation, Sneha focusing on suicides, Sai Sahara Old Age Home focusing on ageism, Project 511 focusing on education and Mamta Foundation focusing on HIV/AIDS.  For more visit
These twelve issues are among the most pressing issues affecting our world today. These are, no doubt, by products of the changing times and the price we humans pay for the progress of our civilization. 
In its effort to support the charities focused on these issues, Crystal Hues promotes these charities through the 2015 calendar distributed to over 3,000 of its customers. Crystal Hues appeals readers to support these charities in any little way they can.
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