Thursday, September 29, 2011

Content Writing, Content Duplication and Copy Writing:The What, Why and How of It

Have you ever wondered why today so many talk about content writing and copy writing when it comes to Internet based search? In today’s business world, the written information is becoming more and more important. It may be a well drafted letter, an e-mail, a memo, a newsletter, a brochure, a printed article in a magazine, a newspaper write-up, an advertisement; or a web content, blog or simply a press release. Each one leaves an impact on the reader’s mind.

What is content writing?

Content writing is a service meant for the owners of websites and businesses. The subject written is researched first and using skilful writing is crafted creatively. Website content writing is a booming activity nowadays and though it may sound easy writing it is not so. Writing for websites involves much time and thought. Contrary to its name, it involves not only writing but research as well. It is well said that web content writing is10 per cent writing and 90 per cent research.

What does a content writer do?

As a writer he is aware of the target reader on the website. A website writer is precise, concise and has the skill to hit the nail on the head. The content should be of use to the reader and unique to stay on what is termed as the Search Engine. It should find a place on the first page as it would stand out from the crowd on account of its sheer merit. Always have your own voice, tone and style while writing your content. Try to distinguish yourself from what others are doing.

What is good and effective content writing? 

It is a content written with the readers’ needs in mind using sentences that draw and hold the readers’ attention to make him continue browsing the given website. The language used is direct and precise and devoid of any jargons, clichés, heavy and pedantic words. The write-up has correct grammar, punctuation and word usage with the right sub-headings, paragraphs, listings and examples. Meeting deadlines too is important.

Content writing and keywords usage

The content should be crafted so cleverly that the keywords used, which are central to the SEO content have a maximum impact on the reader’s mind. Also, the content entitles for a relevant use of keywords and phrases most likely to be entered by users in websites.

A little more difficult but not impossible task, is the fine art of telling the search engines that the content is also ‘related to these other things’, besides the keywords. This way of linking other authority sites with your site is a friendly approach to your readers and the search engines as well.

What is content duplication?

According to Google’s webmaster guidelines, “Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or is appreciably similar”. Are there penalties for copying or stealing the content from a site? Generally not, for the bots/search engines are intelligent enough to gauge whose content was first. Hence duplicate content is not penalized, but it is not given any ranking. Search engines have also now implemented filters to avoid duplication, which incidentally also removes spam. One can also use a tool, that searches copies of your page on the internet. There is also the ‘Similar Page Checker’ that makes your content unique.

What is copy writing?

Copy writing is different from content writing. Copy writing broadly means writing promotional literature, which prompts people to buy something. Copy writing highlights the benefits of a product or service in order to sell it. It has a direct approach and written in an interactive style.

Copywriters create direct mailers, taglines, promotional web content, jingle lyrics, online ads, promotional e-mails and other marketing communication. Copy writing is a specialised art which needs some talent too. One also needs to have flair for marketing and advertising.

Whether it is content writing or copy writing, one must always remember that the reader is the king. If one writes in an engaging style that attracts and holds the reader’s attention, the search engine too follows.


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