Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Technology Barrier for SMEs in Marketing

Technology today is shaping the life of millions like never before. But at the same time, it changes and upgrades drastically in a matter of few days. To keep abreast of the latest technology and the various intricacies involved is a major challenge for SMEs in marketing themselves especially when using the innovative platforms that the technology has to offer. To make matters worse, exploiting the full potential of the technology in marketing requires an in depth knowledge of its working and various associated features which SMEs fail to comprehend successfully.

Companies today are making the most of internet in promoting their products like never before. SMEs have failed to capitalize on this opportunity because of their lack of knowledge related to the latest technology and the internet. E-mail advertisements through mass mailer and pay per click advertisements are creating waves in the online marketing industry but SMEs have failed to comprehend such latest and innovative marketing strategies purely because of their ignorance. Promotions through mobile telephony via SMSs and Voice calls are yet another example of the use of technology for promoting a product.

SMEs systematic failure to reap the rich benefits of the latest technology driven marketing strategies is deep rooted in their philosophy of settling for the cheapest and conventional forms of marketing schemes. They need to wake up to the modern offerings of the technology laden world and brush up on the latest and innovative marketing measures. While various technical terms may seem alien to them, what is required and expected of them is to be more liberal and forthright in experimenting with new ideas and schemes. They of course, cannot be expected to master the technical aspects of the online marketing techniques themselves. Hence they need to create synergies with various online marketing service providers for a foray in to the online marketing world. They can also consider setting up a separate marketing unit dedicated to online promotions and marketing. They need to hire the services of technical experts to do the job for them which in turn would create a technology driven environment within the company itself.

It’s better late than never. If the SMEs have to stay in competition and not become redundant with just the conventional marketing practices in place, it’s time they put their thinking cap on and turn hi-tech for the sake of their enterprise and the economy overall.

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