Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prohibitive Fees Makes Marketing Agencies Beyond Reach Of SMEs

In order to create effective marketing strategies, SMEs have to eventually fall back upon marketing agencies specializing in advertising and promotional works. But a major hindrance to the fruitful creation of such a partnership is the prohibitive fees charged by the marketing agencies for their services. Most marketing and advertising agencies, if not all, charge exorbitant amount for rendering their services. This has a major impact on SMEs who are either short of funds to meet the above requirement or hesitant to spend such an amount on their marketing campaign.

Most marketing agencies while deciding upon their fees only take the bigger players into consideration as this is where they expect the major chunk of their profit to come from. As a result, if they are offering something meaningful to such conglomerates, they get paid what they want as such companies are never short of funds. However in doing so they tend to completely ignore the smaller players which constitute the SMEs who are often looking at something cheaper to suit their needs. In order to understand and address the needs of the SMEs, the marketing agencies need to create a separate price band for them so that they may avail their services. They may also offer special discounts to SMEs in order to encourage more and more SMEs to come forward for hiring their services. This way they can earn more than the discounted amount by increasing the number of their SME clients. This also has several other beneficial reciprocations for the marketing agencies. An SME, if benefitted by the services of a marketing agency may eventually become more forthright in hiring even the premium services of the agency and might as well become willing to shell out the extra bucks needed.

It’s usually the introduction to the services of an agency that is needed and once that happens and the SMEs start seeing the benefits, the fees no longer remains a constraint.

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