Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New Wave Of Advertisements

Today, every company is vying for a space in the minds of the people and the easiest way to do that is through the Advertisements. Advertising companies providing advertising services to such conglomerates combine the entire gamut of services under their offerings ranging from conceptualization of ideas to production and implementation of the advertisements. But one that creates benchmarks in the advertising world is one that provides a differential quotient to the advertisements.

We all are bombarded with advertisements every day. Whether you are driving, reading a book or watching TV, its almost everywhere. But of all these advertisements, how many do you remember or recall easily? Probably very few. Yet, there are some that are etched in the memory even though they are nowhere to be seen anymore. Does a certain zoozoo come to the mind or that famous phrase “You and I, in this beautiful world”. Of course, they do. The reason: These advertisements had their differential quotient that made their recall value stronger. These advertisements were a work of creativity rather than a haphazard ensemblance of the three F’s, Facts, Figures and a famous Face. While the purists may still favor the above approach to advertisements specially in case of a product with very little or no competition, its highly improbable that this approach would be able to deliver that emotional quotient needed to attract and retain the customers in today’s highly competitive market which offers a lot of scope for immediate substitution. So, in order to stand out amongst the competition, the advertising companies have to not only think out of box but proactively give shape to their ideas in the most unconventional way. Who would have thought that a pug would become synonymous with a leading telecom brand. Now, that’s the sort of differentiation and uniqueness you want to create while designing your advertisements.

Realizing the above metamorphosis, various advertising companies providing advertising services have shed their conventional inhibition at producing contemporary advertisements and are churning out advertisements straight out of the box with a creative yore and a greater recall value. With creativity as their weapon and sky the limit to their ideas, the advertising companies have changed the way advertisements today are looked at. They are appreciated for their innovativeness and creativity and immediately strike a chord with the viewers. With more and more creativity in the offing, when you spot a new advertisement somehow somewhere and you can’t help but appreciate it, remember that it’s inevitable to ignore something that is simply different, yet brilliant.


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